The Power of Compound Returns Over Time

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Since 1983, Barnett & Company has provided personalized investment counsel. Our firm specializes in Wealth and Asset Management, Financial Planning, and Estate Planning consultations.

At Barnett & Company, we strive to exceed the expectations of all of our clients. We regard the management of our clients’ investment accounts as an ongoing process of consultation. We regularly meet with our clients to determine their goals and needs, which enhances the value of our relationship with them.

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A Look Ahead At 2020

History has amply demonstrated that economic forecasting is a fool’s errand. With that admonition in mind, here are a few predictions for 2020.

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Paul Volcker, RIP.

In terms of direct impact on every American, no Fed leader stood taller (literally and figuratively) than Paul Volcker, who died last week at age 92. His passing should be noted especially by the generation that followed for whom “inflation” is a foreign concept.

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