Client Communications

Barnett & Company does not charge a fee for communication access. We encourage our clients to contact us when they have information that might impact the management of their portfolio or when they have any concerns or questions regarding the investments in their portfolio. Every client has direct access to the team at Barnett & Company. All of our clients receive a quarterly report from Barnett & Company outlining their return for the relevant period and listing their assets as of the reporting date. The quarterly report comes with an economic commentary written by one of our firm’s investment portfolio managers.

Barnett & Company publishes a monthly Perspective on a matter of topical interest to keep our clients abreast of our investment thought process. We also provide investors with a toll-free number and with e-mail addresses for each of our employees. In addition, Barnett & Company clients are able to use a personal computer to view their assets on a real-time basis at their chosen brokerage firm or trust company. The assets of a Barnett & Company client are never commingled with those of anyone else, so information on each account is accessible on a constant and ongoing basis.

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